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In 2015 two prominent soccer clubs, CASA BOCA and RCU came together to form Union Sacramento FC and a new level of competition and dedication to development was introduced to the Sacramento area.


Union FC is a competitive soccer club for boys and girls in the Sacramento area. Our club is dedicated to teaching the skills and tactics of the game with the idea of developing a constructive style of play based on fluid possession and team orientation. We believe that the athletic development of our youth must contribute to the development of good character and citizenship.


Union FC will continue to work with our members, families, sponsors and supporters to enhance the overall experience for all of those in the club. Starting with our younger players, we focus on each individual player’s comfort with the ball and player focused development to later succeed. Whether it be in competitive area leagues or vying for a National Championship, Union FC will strive to continuously help our players develop to the best of their individual ability.


Union FC believes in creating an environment in which players can reach their full potential and achieve the self-confidence and positive self-esteem necessary to be successful both on and off the soccer field.

We strive to prepare our players to compete at the highest level of their ambition while pursuing the highest possible educational goals. In the professional sports arena there is only one goal: to win. In youth sports however, Union FC believes that there are more important goals – including teaching skills and discipline that will help our players be successful in life, and providing an environment that fosters learning and provides players with instruction and competition to improve their talents and develop their skills, while at the same time gaining confidence on and off the field.

We view soccer as part of our players’ overall education and a catalyst to the development of good study habits as well as tools for their overall life experiences.



• Players FirstTM represents our club’s commitment to placing the long-term interests of each individual player at the heart of every decision in structuring, operating, and managing our club.

• Players FirstTM represents our club’s commitment to providing a holistic approach in player development for all of our players, recognizing that the soccer experience must include lessons and opportunity both on the field and off.

• Players FirstTM represents our club’s commitment as professionals in youth development to expect ongoing learning, education and development from all of our staff members in order to ensure that our players have the benefit of best-in-class information and resources in teaching and training young athletes.

• Players FirstTM represents our club’s commitment to engage with and educate parents to help them understand and embrace the appropriate expectations and roles for them in their child’s overall soccer and athletic development experience.